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Rose Wreath Sugar Flowers Class

In this class we will make this gorgeous arrangement of sugar flowers, taped and formed around a wooden hoop. Beautiful on it’s own, hoops and wreaths are an increasingly popular design feature for wedding and celebration cakes.

In this one day class you will learn how to:


• Use and colour flowerpaste

• Make beautiful and quick roses using Natalie’s signature technique and the Rapid Rose

• Make rose leaves, simple berries, seed pods and a very versatile filler flower

• Add petal dusts to your work to enhance the colours, details and add realism

• Tape everything together and arrange it around the wood hoop


Cost: £145 per person
All materials included


Please follow the links below to book via the hosting venue.


If you have any questions feel free to send me an email and I will be happy to help!

  • Rose Wreath 01 – website
  • Rose Wreath 02 – website
  • Rose Wreath 04 – website