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Welcome to the Shop…

Here you will find a range of products – some we’ve invented ourselves and others which are just super useful to have on hand when creating sugarcraft models and flowers. We’ll also be releasing lots of detailed step-by-step tutorials tutorials for a range of cakes and techniques over the next couple of months, so keep an eye out for those too…


Please note that we sell on Etsy, clicking the links below will take you to our Etsy Shop – ImmaculateSugarcraft

Rapid Rose

The Five-Petal Rose Support Pad



Five-Petal Cutters

Perfect for creating Beautiful Unwired Roses



Water Brush Pen

The easiest way to apply water to sugarcraft work



Polystyrene Buds

Prepped and glued to a toothpick, ready for use



Big Rose Kit

Everything you need to make our signature roses



Little Rose Kit

Just the Rapid Rose and Cutters